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3 Herbal Lattes Perfect for Sweater Weather

Tired of pumpkin spice 🎃? Don’t get us wrong, we love the flavor sensation that’s really become a symbol for the season but maybe you’re looking to change things up or pumpkin was never really your thing. We all know while there are a ton of PSL fans, the flavor also has it’s fair share of haters.


If you’re looking for something new or pumpkin isn’t your thing, try one of our herbal lattes perfect for sweater weather. We’re confident you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy after watching our how-to videos below. 😊

Chamomile Tea Latte: Full Recipe & Instructions


Rose Latte: Full Recipe and Instructions


London Fog Tea Latte: Full Recipe & Instructions


Stay cozy my friends.



Kiley Putnam

Kiley Putnam is a Senior Communications Specialist concentrated in consumer marketing and communications for New England Dairy Promotion Board. Kiley is a Connecticut native, an ice cream fanatic, and loves connecting people to where their food comes from. In her spare time, Kiley enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time with friends and family. She currently resides in Boston, MA. Sound like someone you want to get to know? Contact Kiley at

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