Must Be The Milk

Cows Jump Over the Moon

Just like us New Englanders, cows love the transition from winter to spring. The sunny skies, the warmer weather, the lush green grass – who wouldn’t be excited?

Just as more joggers line the roads and people are out walking their dogs when spring rolls in, cows are eager to explore the wide open pastures.

As such, it has become a tradition, and a sight to behold, on dairy farms each spring for farmers to welcome their neighbors and community as the cows are let back out to pasture after the long (& cold) winter months.

Even cows get spring fever!

Barstow’s Longview Farm – Hadley, MA

This past weekend was Pasture Days at Barstow’s Longview Farm. Check out all the great photos on their Facebook page.

Barstow's Longview Farm dairy cow pasture
Barstow’s Longview Farm celebrated Pasture Day on May 2, 2015.

Freund’s Farm – East Canaan, CT

Look how happy these cows are to be back outside in the sun! A cow’s first day back on pasture is always a joyous occasion.

Freund's Farm cows pasture
Cows excited to be back out on pasture at Freund’s Farm

Hanson Dairy Farm – North Brookfield, MA

The Hanson family hosts an event called “Spring Fling” each year during which they invite their neighbors to come watch the excitement build as the cows head out to pasture for the first time of the season!

Don’t forget to explore the Hanson dairy farm too with our virtual farm tour!

Hanson dairy farm cows pasture
Hanson Farm hosts Spring Fling so their community can take part in the excitement as cows return to pasture.

Dairy Farms Across the World

Even Danish cows get excited for spring! Check out this NPR article about the ‘dancing cow’ and their return to pasture.


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