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It’s Cow Appreciation Day!

Tuesday, July 9 is Cow Appreciation Day. To celebrate, we wanted to share some “dairy fun” 😉 cow facts! Check them out below!


On average, a dairy cow weighs about 1,500 lbs.

Cows are red-green colorblind. Good thing they don’t have to pick out clothes or worry about stoplights!

Dairy cows produce about 6-7 gallons of milk a day (can vary depending on type of cow and other factors).

Cows have a good sense of smell, and can smell something up to 6 miles away!

Cows and humans both have 32 teeth but cows only have teeth on the bottom of their mouth.

Just like us and our fingerprints, cow spots are unique to each and every cow.

Cows are social by nature and love to hang out with their pals just like we do!

Cow comfort is a top priority for dairy farmers. Dairy farmers care for their cows by providing a nutritious diet, good medical care and healthy living conditions.

Check out this dairy awesome back scratcher!

Dairy farmers work hard to ensure that cows are kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter, have regular access to food and clean water, and a veterinarian on call. Dairy cows even have their own nutritionist! They help dairy farmers ensure that their cows get all the nutrients they need to produce delicious and wholesome milk. Dairy cows even get regular pedicures!

Get to know the dairy farmers in your state and learn more about how dairy farmers are using tech in amazing ways to care for their cows and the environment.

Cheers to our local dairy cows and farmers! Show your appreciation by drinking a tall glass of milk!

Kiley Putnam

Kiley Putnam is a Senior Communications Specialist concentrated in consumer marketing and communications for New England Dairy Promotion Board. Kiley is a Connecticut native, an ice cream fanatic, and loves connecting people to where their food comes from. In her spare time, Kiley enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time with friends and family. She currently resides in Boston, MA. Sound like someone you want to get to know? Contact Kiley at

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