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TIME and Today Show: The Skinny on Milk Fat

In the Ferrari household, we go through a LOT of full-fat dairy. My 16-month-old daughter drinks at least 20-24 ounces of whole milk every day, and my husband and I eat yogurt and cheese like they are going out of style. So needless to say, I am STOKED about what I am about to tell you.

In a new study published in the journal Circulation, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian and his team found that those with higher levels of full-fat dairy byproducts in their blood had about a 46% lower risk of getting diabetes during the study period than those with lower levels.

Two of the most influential and credible news sources have taken notice: TIME and the TODAY Show.

Read the TIME article


Watch the TODAY Show interview with Dr. Oz about the Benefits of Full Fat Dairy


It’s no secret that full-fat dairy products contain more calories than low-fat dairy products, and this is the main reason why low-fat dairy has been recommended for so long as the best option for milk drinkers. But recent research is indicating that full-fat dairy may have a solid place in a healthy diet, and the research is strong enough that nutrition leaders and major news outlets are noticing. Whole Milk is making a comeback

Nutrition is an evolving science. Aren’t we lucky that there are researchers out there who never stop asking questions? As a registered dietitian nutritionist and a mom, I am so very thankful for them!

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