Must Be The Milk

The Snow Cave Diet

Our fridge was looking a little bleak last month. Continual snowstorms made getting to the grocery store a challenge, and mealtimes got a bit, well, creative, as I tried to scrap together the items on hand to create some semblance of a meal.


It took quite some time to get the car out of its spot to pick up groceries.

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Milk, cheese, and yogurt are always in our fridge, which, fortunately, are very forgiving ingredients and form the basis for a delicious meal. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when you only have a couple of things on hand:

  • Breakfast foods are great anytime. Cereal and milk or this easy pancake recipe makes a great light meal.
  • Mix milk, yogurt, and any kind of fruit together as a smoothie. Out of fresh fruit? Applesauce, frozen fruit, or canned fruit work too.
  • Add a little milk along with any kind of cheese you have on hand before scrambling eggs. Milk makes the eggs fluffier, and cheese adds delicious flavor and texture.
  • Consider substituting ingredients that are similar in texture. For example, I substituted cottage cheese for the ricotta cheese in a makeshift lasagna-style concoction and got great results.
  • There’s nothing like a hot chocolate made with milk to boost your spirits!

Now that our snow cave days are (hopefully) over, I am excited to try lots of great new recipes from the Cabot Creamery Co-op Cookbook! Enter today to win a free copy and a one year supply of cheddar. It’s easy to enter, just click on this link: Good luck!




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