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Manure – More Than Meets The Eye

When you think of dairy farms, you probably think of cows. And when you think of cows, I bet manure comes to mind. But I bet you didn’t know that it is someone’s job to sample and smell and test that manure!


Roberta Royer is a Forage Analysis Lab Technician and she spends her days analyzing cow manure to help nutritionists, dairy farmers and veterinarians understand their cows better and ensure they are getting the healthy and nutritious diet they need and deserve.

manure baking wcax
Baking manure (Courtesy of WCAX)

Manure isn’t new to Roberta, she grew up around cows and owns a small dairy farm with her husband in North Troy, VT. She loves cows and understands that her job helps to ensure the feed cows receive is providing them with all the nutrients they need to produce the high quality milk we all love to enjoy!

manure lab wcax
Working in the lab (Courtesy of WCAX)

Read on about this ‘odd job’ in the dairy world thanks to WCAX:



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