Must Be The Milk

It Takes A Village to Raise a Cow

Treating animals with respect and compassion is of the utmost importance to dairy farmers. In fact, it’s their number one priority! A content cow will produce a high quality product, and dairy farmers know that more than anyone. They are committed to producing safe and wholesome milk, which means they are committed to their cows and are constantly seeking ways to improve the comfort of their animals.


You might be surprised at the number of people involved with animal care at dairy farms. Dairy farmers provide excellent care for their herds with the help of many trained professionals, including veterinarians who monitor animal health, nutritionists who develop specialized diets for the cows, milkers who oversee daily milking, herds-people who feed and care for the animals, and others such as hoof trimmers who provide monthly “pedicures.” How many humans do you know who get regular pedicures?


Dairy farmers can also get pretty creative with the bedding for their cows. They use a variety of bedding materials ranging from beach sand to shredded rubber to cow waterbeds!

To learn more about dairy cow care and to take your own personal tour of a dairy farm, watch the video below. Ed MacGlaflin, owner and operator of MacGlaflin Farm in Claremont, NH talks about life on a dairy farm:



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