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Health and Happiness—Even in the Winter!

Healthy Winter Eating

Three short weeks ago we welcomed 2015 with festive fireworks and celebration. The magic of the holidays seems to have been replaced with weather complaints rather than hopeful pleasantries about upcoming plans, grunts instead of warm greetings, and shivery slogs to the T station without the ringing of holiday bells. Many people seem to be in the mood to pass the winter months as the animal kingdom does. Cows have it right, spending their winter days alternating between the occasional jaunt outdoors for fresh air and lounging around the barn with their fellow cow companions.

Take heart! The days are, slowly but surely, getting just a little bit longer, and the winter season has its own charms. To help combat the cold-weather blues, we have put together a winter healthy eating guide to help boost your health and happiness. The guide includes nourishing recipes and tips for healthy eating.

Share your favorite cold weather healthy eating tips in the comments.


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