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Got Milk (Ads)?

Most of us have spotted our fair share of “Got Milk?” ads over the years. The campaign that featured famous (and infamous) folks with milk mustaches certainly got everyone’s attention and made milk THE celebrity choice for quite a while.

Tom Brady Got Milk? Ad
Tom Brady Got Milk? Ad

Starting this year, “Got Milk?” has given way to a series of “Milk Life” ads, and while there’s not a milk mustache in sight, there is some amazing photography spotlighting milk waves.

Milk-Life-Page-Ads-Revised_Cropped-2_12_Thrusters-750x1024-CARMELLE blog post March 2014
New Milk Life Ad

The new campaign got us to wondering about milk ads from past decades, and we’ve dug out a few of our favorites for your viewing pleasure.

1920s bananas milk-CARMELLE blog post March 2014
Circa 1920

Forget cookies – bananas paired with milk are an unbeatable combination. Not much in this ad to promote this as a healthy snack, but then again, the teammates reference convinces us!

Circa 1930
Circa 1930

Back in the old days, it seems that real men DID drink milk. We assume girls and women did, too!

Circa 1940
Circa 1940

There’s no mistaking the health message here: milk’s got it all, for men, women, and babies. Note this is a public service announcement from the no-nonsense FDA.

Circa 1955
Circa 1955

Look better and cook better? We’re not sure about the connection (we know a lot of real lookers whose favorite cooking utensil is a can opener), but this ad pretty much makes milk glamorous AND practical.

19608 george gobel-CARMELLE blog post March 2014
Circa 1960s

If you’re old enough to know who George Gobel is (he’s the guy shown here getting a lift), then you’re old enough to remember when men wore pajamas and slippers like ol’ George here. When did sweats and t-shirts replace PJ’s? A topic for a future blog post, perhaps?

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