Must Be The Milk

Dairy Sampling at Hannaford

To some, tackling the family grocery shopping is considered a chore rather than an entertaining excursion. Aisle after aisle littered with choices to be made and dollars to be spent looms large for many grocery store customers.

Like so many situations, it’s the little things in life that make a difference. As customers head out to do the grocery shopping this month, there will be a treat waiting for them at select Vermont Hannaford locations: cheese! The stores will be featuring delicious, award-winning Vermont cheeses from Cabot, Grafton Village Cheese, and Vermont Butter and Cheese.

Photo Courtesy of Grafton Village Cheese
Photo Courtesy of Grafton Village Cheese

Check out the list below of cheese sampling events, grab your cart, and treat yourself to a tasty sample of cheese during your trip to Hannaford this month. Certainly a delicious sample (or three!) of cheese will make your trip to the grocery store a bit brighter!

Hannaford Dairy Demo Schedule




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