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Cow Care is Key!

Caring for and treating animals with the utmost compassion and respect is a key part of dairy farming and a dairy farmer’s day. Happy, healthy cows are a dairy farmer’s number one priority!

freund farm for blog
Happy cows enjoying the green pasture at Freund Farm in East Canaan, CT

While dairy farmers provide great care for their herds and are right there on the farm each and every day, they aren’t the only ones involved. Many professionally trained individuals are an important part of keeping cows comfortable and healthy including veterinarians, nutritionists, milking parlor managers, herdsmen, and even hoof trimmers.

Each professional plays an important role in a cow’s health. Veterinarians help the dairy farmer monitor and maintain the health of each and every cow on the farm. Nutritionists work with the dairy farmer to develop a specialized diet for their specific herd. Herdsmen and milking parlor managers work alongside the dairy farmer, feeding and watching over the cows and overseeing the daily milking schedule.

Cow bedding is also an important part of cow comfort and care. Dairy farmers employ a variety of unique methods to ensure that their cows have cozy beds to rest and relax in, including soft wood chips, rubber, and, of course, hay. Some cows even sleep on waterbeds!

The barns and ventilation are another piece of the puzzle. Misters and fans helps to keep the cows cool in the warm summer months and ensure that the barns are well ventilated. Heaters are often used in the winter months to keep the cows nice and warm.

barn vent
Well ventilated barn at Woodhill Farm in Hampton, CT

It is certainly clear to us that cow care is the top priority for dairy farmers. They definitely work hard each and every day to ensure their cows are not only happy and healthy but safe and comfortable too!

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