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Chocolate Milk – A Tasty History!

cocoaChocolate milk may have been a staple in your diet as a kid or maybe it still is; it is a great refueling beverage after all! But do you know the history of chocolate milk?

According to the National History Museum in Britain, chocolate milk was created in Jamaica by an Irish botanist named Sir Hans Sloane. While in Jamaica in the early 1700s, Sloane was given cocoa to drink, but he did not care for the taste. In an attempt to improve it, milk was added and chocolate milk was born – or at least according to the National History Museum in Britain. Cocoa has been around since the 1500s so it is possible a version of chocolate milk was invented before Sloane tried it out in Jamaica but history suggests Sloane carried the torch and brought chocolate milk to the masses.

You can find out more about Sloane and his history making mixture at

Chocolate Milk even has its own day – September 27th is National Chocolate Milk Day.

Who doesn’t love chocolate milk?

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