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A New England Twist on an Ice Cream Classic

I scream you scream, we all scream for…ice cream of course! July is National Ice Cream Month (even though I like to pretend it’s every month). There’s no doubt us New Englanders love our ice cream. Actually, four out of the six states in our region are in the top 10 for highest consuming ice cream states in the country!

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Don’t get me wrong, I love a classic cone or sundae, but sometimes it’s great to change things up. So behold my New England take on a classic…an ice cream soda. While we love our ice cream in New England, we also love our Polar Seltzer (click here for more info on Polar’s history).

I had some fun and created summer ice cream sodas (“seltzers” in this case) that are sure to tickle your taste buds.

First things first, sometimes people get confused on what’s in an ice cream soda vs. an ice cream float.

In the United States, an “ice cream soda” refers to the drink containing soda or seltzer water, syrup and ice cream, whereas a “float” is generally ice cream in a soft drink (usually root beer).

So my “ice cream seltzers” contain milk, syrup, ice cream and seltzer. 

There are three other Limited Edition Polar Seltzer flavors and they all seemed to work well with the simple vanilla syrup and vanilla ice cream combo (but feel free to further experiment!).

While it was fun to mix things up, sometimes you just crave a classic taste. I also made a “black and white” version with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream.

Note: It’s not actually blue, just used a blue cup!
Jon (my boyfriend) enjoyed being a taste tester! 😊

I also shared these tasty treats during a recent Zip Trip segment. Watch below!

What are some of your favorite ice cream combinations?

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