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Join us for Breakfast on the Farm!

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm is an awesome day of free food and free activities on a dairy farm! Here’s a look at what you’ll experience at the next Breakfast on the Farm on Saturday, August 27 at Green Mountain Dairy Farm in Sheldon, Vermont.

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm

A free breakfast of pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup, fresh fruit, sausage…

Breakfast on the Farm

And of course, dairy products like pudding, yogurt…

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm

And, milk!

Milk at Breakfast on the Farm

There’s whole, white milk…

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm

And chocolate milk – perfect for washing down pancakes!

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm

You’ll get to visit with friendly baby calves who will want to love you and lick you endlessly.

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm

From black and white cows, to cows with brown spots…

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm

To mini-goats!

Girl Interacts with Cow

The big cows will just want to lick and love you too.

Visitors with Cows at Robot

You’ll get to tour the barns and see the modern technology that farmers use, like robots to milk their cows.

Cows with feed pusher

And a special robot that pushes the cow’s food to them when it gets out of their reach.

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm

Each cow has a “fit-bit”-like health monitor on their neck. On a laptop, you can look up how many steps
each cow took each day, how many times they were milked, and how much milk they gave!

Milk a cow station (2)

You can learn how to milk a cow the old-fashioned way, with your hands and a bucket!

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm

And, grab some free goodies…

Boy with cow hat and stickers

To express your love for dairy to the world!

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm

You’ll learn what cows eat, and see what types of seeds dairy farmers plant on their fields.

Tractor kid playing

Then, you can hop in the driver’s seat of a John Deere.

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm

And test out what it’s like to be in a skid-steer (a farmer’s best friend for moving heavy stuff!)

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm

Then, hop aboard the milk truck! Green Mountain Dairy Farm sends their milk in these refrigerated trucks to the St. Albans Co-operative Creamery to be made into ice cream, yogurt, cheese and lots of other delicious dairy products.

Windmill and tractor family

You’ll be able to see renewable energy on the farm. At Green Mountain Dairy Farm they have a Cow Power program that turns manure into electricity.

Visitors with Milk Sign

You’ll learn lots of fun facts about the dairy industry in Vermont. This tiny state makes more than half of the milk for New England!

Raymond Vander Wey with Boy

Farmers are proud to contribute to their community, care for the land, their animals, and make healthy food for you and your families.
Get your free tickets to Vermont Breakfast on the Farm and you’ll be able to talk to your local farmer about how the dairy products you enjoy make it from the farm to your plate.

Laura Hardie

Laura brings over 10 years of public relations and marketing experience to her role as the Farmer Relations & Communications Manager for New England Dairy Promotion Board. Laura is a 7th generation Vermonter and has seen firsthand the positive impact dairy farms have on the health of our economy and our communities. Her grandparents and parents were raised on Vermont dairy farms, and her brother is the next generation to farm. She is proud that Vermont dairy farms are a big part of where she comes from and where she's headed as she shares her love for all things dairy.

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