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All I want for Christmas is…a boot dryer

What do New England dairy farmers want to see under the tree on Christmas morning?

We all have personal ‘must-have’ Christmas lists, and New England dairy farmers are no exception. These hard-working men and women are looking forward to Santa’s annual fly-by, so we asked them what they want to see under the tree on Christmas morning (after the first milking, of course!):

  • The challenge to dairying in the winter is staying warm, so many of our more-practical farmers are asking for gloves, winter socks, and boot dryers.
  • Think new décor is relegated to your home? One farmer needs new name cards for the barn (the cows have names, after all, so why not personalize their hang-out?)
  • Organization is critical when you’re working a 150-cow milking herd, so what about a locking chest for organizing supplies?
  • Farming is tough on clothes. A dairy farmer always needs coveralls, a comfy barn jacket, and work boots.
  • Speaking of coveralls – farmers say to make sure they’re insulted! One farmer and his daughter stay nice and cozy feeding calves in below-zero weather in their matching pair.
  • Sure, dairy farmers get off the farm occasionally, so one farmer is asking for ‘civilian’ clothes – without the feed company logo – along with a gift card to a nice restaurant.
  • LOTS of insulated gloves! The Kinco kind is preferred.
  • Even the best farm equipment needs occasional tweaking, so a 9/16 wrench or socket is always a good gift, Santa.
  • A Carhartt vest is the key to one farmer’s heart and lasts forever.
  • Hey, it’s not always about the farmer, Mr. Claus. How about a new brush to keep the cow’s tails looking good?
  • One farmer wants unique farm-themed household items – think antique farm signs – can’t get enough of that barn atmosphere.
  • We know it’s early during that morning milking, but how early exactly? A new barn clock would be great.
  • Cows become part of the family on the farm. One creative female farmer had earrings made from her favorite cow’s teeth.
  • Not sure this would fit in Santa’s bag, but it’s certainly on the top of the list for hard-working farmers – a vacation and the help a farmer needs to leave the farm for a little time off!
Farmers at Christmas
Farmers in the Christmas spirit!
Laura Hardie

Laura brings over 10 years of public relations and marketing experience to her role as the Farmer Relations & Communications Manager for New England Dairy Promotion Board. Laura is a 7th generation Vermonter and has seen firsthand the positive impact dairy farms have on the health of our economy and our communities. Her grandparents and parents were raised on Vermont dairy farms, and her brother is the next generation to farm. She is proud that Vermont dairy farms are a big part of where she comes from and where she's headed as she shares her love for all things dairy.

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