Must Be The Milk supports the long-term viability of New England’s dairy farms using three strategies: educating New Englanders about dairy farming, promoting purchases of milk and other dairy foods and raising funds to support New England’s dairy farming.

The Keep Local Farms Fund is the home of Must Be The Milk’s funding support for New England dairy agriculture. The Keep Local Farms Fund will partner with New England non-profit organizations to support the sustainability of cow dairies.


New England dairy farmers manage nearly one million acres of farmland and rely on the region’s soil, water and energy to care for their herds and produce high quality milk.

U.S. dairy farmers already produce a gallon of milk with 90 percent less land, 65 percent less water, 75 percent less manure and a 63 percent smaller carbon footprint than in the mid-20th century. Dairy farmers welcome additional opportunities to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their production. The Keep Local Farms Fund aims to support New England farmers to utilize progressive agricultural practices and infrastructure to continually reduce environmental impacts and improve production efficiencies—key aspects of the long-term sustainability of individual dairy farms and the New England dairy sector as a whole. The Fund will be used for research, education and implementation of projects and programs related to soil fertility, water use, energy efficiency, on-farm renewable energy production, manure management, composting and other sustainability efforts.