Servings: 6
Skill Level: Intermediate
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Smith’s Country Cheese Greens Salad


3 Asian Pears (Bosc or any pear)

2 heads Boston Bibb lettuce

6 c. of micro greens (whatever is fresh, collect varying colors and flavors) handle the greens

gingerly, they are frail

4 tsp of 25 year old Modena balsamic vinegar (or any balsamic vinegar)

2 tsp of white truffle oil

6 oz. of Smiths Country Cheese Aged Gouda

1 lemon – juiced

6 tbs water

Maine sea salt (or any sea salt)

Fresh ground black pepper


  1. Place the juice of the lemon and the water in a non-reactive bowl. Core pears and cut in half, thinly slice with a very sharp knife or on the straight blade of a mandolin and lightly toss in the bowl with the lemon-water mixture.
  2. Clean and dry the Boston Bibb and pick out any discolored leaves. On a chilled dinner plate, place Bibb in a fan around the plate, pushing it down as flat as possible. Layer and fan the Asian pears in a circle over the Bibb leaving a nice green rim of the underlying lettuce showing.
  3. Place the micro greens in a separate bowl, add truffle oil and lightly toss.
  4. Arrange a nice bundle of greens in the center of each of the plates, with a spoon or a squeeze bottle drizzle the Modena vinegar over the pears, season with Maine Sea Salt and fresh group pepper. With the blade of a box grater or a mandolin shave the cheese, arrange over the pears evenly and serve.
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