March may be known for National Nutrition Month or March Madness, but we have decided it should be all about our farmers!


Each farm and farmer has their own story to share. Some farms have farm stores and stands, while others have maple sugaring operations. Some farmers have a separate side business while others focus solely on the farm. Nevertheless, every dairy farmer supports their community, works hard to help protect and preserve the environment and is proud of their farming heritage. 


So take a few minutes to get to know the local farmers in your backyard and let us know how these farmers inspire you.

Winter Cow Care
A cozy calf stays warm in the wintery weather.
The calendar may claim it's spring, but we know that the thermometer still reads winter. So what do dairy farmers do to ensure that their cows stay comfortable and healthy in these chilly temperatures? Johanna Laggis of Laggis Brothers Farm explains on our blog. 
Farming for Breakfast
Our favorite foods (milk, cheese & yogurt) at breakfast and any time of day!
We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do we know where our breakfast foods come from? What about who helps make and produce these foods? Join us as we head behind the scenes to see how our favorite breakfast foods get from the farm to us. 
Meet Your Local Farmers
Dave & Margaret Hanson of Hanson Farm located in Brookfield, MA.         

Have you met your local dairy farmers? Ever wonder where your milk, cheese, yogurt & butter come from? Well today is your day! In honor of National Agriculture Day this month, we highlighted five of our New England dairy farmers on our blog. Get to know your local farmers and learn how they support the environment and their communities as they strive to produce a high quality product for you to enjoy.   

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